About Me


Hi, hello, and welcome! My name is Marly. I'm a Costa Rican-Chilean woman who runs this business out of my home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I started this shop because I wanted to focus my creative energy and art training into the fiber arts I've been very passionate about since I was young.

A lot of my artistic inspiration comes from movies and tv, video games, comic books, and historical fashions, and I love to play with color palettes reminiscent of my favorite childhood media. Before opening this shop, I was an illustrator and artist. As such, I am always looking for ways to express my creative vision for each collection and integrate my creativity with my fiber arts as much as possible. 

In addition to dyeing and knitting, you might also find me drawing, playing video games, gardening, baking something, or cooking up a storm. Some of my great loves include tea (and most other warm beverages!), animals, nature, and playing games with my friends and loved ones. 

If you have any questions, please contact me at littlewingfibers@gmail.com, or using my contact form. 

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