About Little Wing Fibers

Little Wing Fibers is about living your dreams

Crafting with Little Wing Fibers is a return to when we played pretend, a small reprieve from our hectic lives to create magic. With hand-dyed yarn in whimsical palettes inspired by the stories and experiences that encourage us to dream big, Little Wing will help you reconnect with your inner child. 

We've had a range of collections with inspiration from historical fiction and exciting anime heroines, the colors of the sky, and favorite ice cream flavors. We can't wait to see what you're inspired to create!

Meet the Team!

Marcela Ramirez, owner and dyer

Hi, I’m Marcela! I’m a Costa Rican/Chilean dyer, knitter, and artist living in the Pacific Northwest. I started Little Wing Fibers in 2020 after an intense spark of inspiration to bridge a few of my childhood creative loves—animation, concept art, and knitting. The product of an ADHD maker, the recipe for Little Wing is a combination of two art degrees and the fiber arts I've been fidgeting with since I was a teenager.

When I’m not dyeing, knitting, or running this business you can find me indulging in one of my many creative hobbies, watching anime, playing a game, or roller skating.

Want to work with me?

Get in touch!

I love working with others and hearing from you! If you would like to collaborate, chat, or send me relevant memes, hit me up on Instagram, or send me an email!