A list of our most frequently asked questions. Don't see your question? Contact me!

Care instructions

Each skein is washed and rinsed after dyeing until the water runs clear, however you may still experience some color bleeding on the first wash. This is normal, and we suggest you hand-wash your finished product with cold water and a mild soap, and lay flat to dry. Superwash wool can be machine-washed, but handwashing will extend the life of your finished garment.

What Yarn bases do you stock?

Below is a list of bases I normally stock. They are subject to change based on availability, but each pre-order collection will have a variety available for purchase.

Discontinued yarns or OOAKs that use a different base than any of the following will specify fiber content in the description. 

All of these bases are certified mulesing-free and cruelty free. All fibers are ethically sourced from farms in Australia and South America.


  • LW Fingering ($29): 4 ply, 100% Fine Superwash Merino wool, 437 yds/100 g
  • *NEW* Dreamy Cashmere Sock ($30):  3 ply, 80% Fine Superwash Merino wool, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon Yarn, 383 yds/100 g
  • Eco Sock ($29): 4 ply, 85% Fine Superwash Merino wool, 15% Biodegradable Nylon, 437 yds/100 g
  • Featherlight DK ($29): 4 ply, 100% Fine Superwash Merino wool, 218 yds/100 g
  • *NEW* Dreamy Cashmere DK ($30): 4 ply, 80% Fine Superwash Merino wool, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon, 246 yds/100 g
  • LW Aran ($29): 3 ply, 100% Fine Superwash Merino wool, 181 yds/100 g
  • Cloud Bulky ($29): 2 ply, 100% Fine Superwash Merino wool, 109 yds/100 g
  • Fluff Mohair ($31): Lace weight, 72% Superkid Mohair, 28% Mulberry Silk, 459 yds/50 g
  • *NEW* Cumulous Suri ($31): Lace weight, 75% Brushed Baby Suri Alpaca, 25% Mulberry Silk, 328 yds/50 g
  • *NEW* Fingering Minis (sold in sets, prices vary): 4 ply, 85% Fine Superwash Merino wool, 15% nylon, 87 yds/20 g


If you use Ravelry, you can find my yarn on there to add to your stashes and projects.


This is the beauty of hand-dyed yarn! I try my best to keep colorways consistent with each other, and to make sure dye lots don't differ too much. That said, there still will be some variance between skeins, and is part of my dye style. Dyes can be unpredictable, and show up differently on each of my bases as well. It's best to embrace that imperfect, human-made quality when enjoying hand-dyed yarns. :)

Why hasn't my yarn shipped?

You may have ordered a pre-order listing! If you'd like your yarn shipped on a quicker timeline, check out our in-stock selections.

Every pre-order listing will be up for a limited amount of time, during which you are able to order any quantity you would like from said listing. Since this is a one-woman show, it usually takes me some time to get through a pre-order. Each skein is made to order, and so the processing time for those listings will be anywhere between 5-7 weeks, depending on the number of orders I receive. I will dye the yarn, and then ship it to you once your order has been dyed in full. For more information on processing times, please take a look at our shipping policies page

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes! Check with your city about recycling plastic films, as a lot of places are able to recycle it.  I care very much about the environment, and strive to provide eco-friendly packaging when preparing your order. You'll notice the mailers are reusable, and also made from recycled plastic. Please reuse as much as you can!

When will my favorite colorway be in stock again?

Since I offer colorways on a collection basis, it's hard to say when a specific color will be offered again. Some things like OOAKs are one-time only offerings, so get them while you can! Others I may bring back if there's enough requests for them, or during our Re-runs collections. The best way to stay updated on new color offerings is to subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Instagram.

Do you offer giftcards?

Sure do! They are digital giftcards and will show up in your email when purchased!

Do you ever do in-person events?

Sure do! Check out the Events page for a list of in-person events for the year!

Can I find your yarn at a LYS?

Currently, you can find LWF at a couple shops! Check out our Stockists page for a regularly updated list, and if you'd like to see us at your LYS, be sure to let them know!


Absolutely! Local yarn shops interested in stocking Little Wing Fibers can send an email at littlewingfibers@gmail.com! I am happy to work with you to set something up! 

Do you offer yarn support?

Yes! I love to work and collaborate with other fellow fiber artists! If you would like to use my yarn for your upcoming designs, please email littlewingfibers@gmail.com with your proposal.